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The Mons’ Shop Sign Is Being Saved

If you’ve driven along Frimley Green Road in Frimley Green, then you might have seen the scaffolding around The Mons shop, adjacent to the parade of shops near the Green.

A sign on the scaffolding says that David Dyett Ltd is the demolition contractor. There’s a blog about the need to save the shop sign.

No need for alarm, the demolition contractor, who say that the owner is looking to donate the shop sign to a local museum. But the demolition was proceeding.

A passing pedestrian gave info that The Mons hasn’t changed in years, and he thought that it had been empty since the early 1990’s.

Lots of Frimley Green residents have an affection for the shop sign, so they will be comforted that it will be saved.

renovation at Frimley Green

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